The World Thru My Eyes

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a new blog.. yippee

Yea so I used to have a blog somewhere... but I can't remember what website it was on or the passwords or the names for that matter. So I'm starting a new one so I can bitch and complain to my computer screen and then desperate people can read it when they are bored or lonely or are pathetic and have no life.

So I've been at Purdue for 5 weeks I think now. Absolutely love it. It is 100 times better than rose ever was lol EXCEPT for the whole roommate deal. Ok so I have two roomates. And one is really great and we get along. But the other is driving me (and I think her) insane. And lately she's been getting a little feisty lol snippy comments and such. Ah well. Maybe she will decide to move out.. one can only wish.

Let's see... heading back to the haute this weekend for Shaina's b-day party. Yay for turning 21 lol. And I get to see my Maxxy and Marco. I'll probably hang out with my sister some too.. if she's up for that lol She will probably be too busy for me but ah well. Her loss lol. Maybe I will get to see Hayley too! YAY

Ok so today I was walking to Spanish.. oh wait.. couldn't have been spanish.. i didn't go today lol.. maybe it was comp.. but anyways.. this guy was trying to be cool on his bike.. he tried to like jump a curb or something.. yea fell FLAT on his face. Everyone just stopped walking for like 10 seconds and looked at him .. then this big black guy stated laughing really loud .. it was the funniest thing ever lol.. althought I tried not to laugh cause I didn't want to be mean.. I mean if it had been me on that bike.. I would have probably cried haha

Ok well thats all I got for today.. well for this afternoon at least.. it's been a pleasure.. hopefully ill keep this blog updated.. probably not tho cause I'm lazy and I forget I have them. Ciao.